Every business entity certification is issued by the Association, where this system is used as a benchmark for business entities to carry out work in accordance with the classification, qualifications in the construction business sector and is a condition for local construction service providers and foreign companies that can assist national tenders in Indonesia.

Supporting / Applicant Documents Attach via e-mail in JPEG & PDF format.

Deadline Email Hours 08.00Am – 17.00 WIB, For Requirements Documents if there are relevant days at 17.00pm
will be processed tomorrow.

For requests that cannot be processed and do not meet the requirements along with the revision, please immediately send them back and we will inform you via Via Sms / Phone / Whatsapp.
Bills will be emailed and can make payments at night or the next day for the certificate process that our clients want.

We will send the hardcopy document via JNE / POS / TIKI or an appointment at our office or client’s office fromthe time specified, For all softcopy scans will be sent to an email.

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